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At 7 Virtues Wellness & Recovery

Supporting single moms diagnosed with breast cancer within the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties

About Us

At 7 Virtues Wellness & Recovery, our mission is to create an environment of strength and security for single moms who are fighting breast cancer.  Through support, encouragement, and resources, we strive to give the women we serve more ability to stay focused on what is most important...health and recovery.

Support comes in a variety of forms, but 7 Virtues Wellness & Recovery understands that having someone walk beside you during a challenging time is one of the best options there is.  From initial diagnosis up to one-year post-treatment, we will work hard to provide moral support, friendship, and connections to the services and resources needed.

Women with a Cause
Image by Sean O.

Out of ashes came the beauty that is 7 Virtues Wellness. Created to provide courage, strength, and resilience, with the added virtue of compassion, it is our great honor to be able to serve others.

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